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THANKS for visiting Pet Cookery and Recipes!

We are building a menu of specialty, home-baked pet treats and food items for discriminating dogs or cats. We will also be offering many items relating to pet foods and treats such as pet food containers and pet feeders.

Our wares are available locally, but will be available for shipping in the USA as we continue to grow. Until we complete our initial offerings, we provide you with some background reading about pet foods and associated topics.

Come by to visit our “bakery” 9:00AM to 11:00AM and bring your pet to sample some of our wonderfully flavored foods and treats. Bring your favorite pet food recipes and we will give you a sample pack of treats. Your recipe may find its way onto this site for others to use and enjoy.

Pet Cookery and Recipes
1786 Park Avenue
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Email: Treats@cookeryandrecipesite.com

Bill Fanderson