Cat Feeding

Do you have a cat? If the answer is yes, then you likely want to feed them the best food on the market. In addition to offering them the proper nutrition available today, you should also consider how much you’re feeding them. I for one know that felines can pack on the pounds. In my house we have three. All like to consume much more than they actually need. At one point the vet requested that I put them on a diet, since all of them needed to drop a few pounds. Now you have to consider that – a few pounds” is a large percentage of their body weight. If your cat weighs 15 pounds total, and the vet tells you he needs to lose three of them, that’s 20 percent of his/her weight. Imagine how much that would be for a human. Get the picture? Well, you can do what I did and purchase an electronic cat feeder. This makes things pretty simple. Even when you’re not home or off on vacation for the week.

mt pleasant sc cat boarding foodEvery morning I used to wake up to my three crazy felines screaming. What were they fussing about? FOOD! It’s always about food and water for cats. Ponder how much easier life would be if you had an automatic cat feeder. It took me a while to realize this, but I final made the switch. Pet Keepers near Mount Pleasant told me about this. This is basically how it works. The new-age electronic cat feeder I bought has several compartments. I fill each compartment with a portion of cat food. However, only one compartment opens at a time, and the cat feeder works off of a timer. This way a portion of food is accessible on a specific schedule. I set mine to reveal three small potions per day. And since I have three cats, I naturally have three cat feeders.

You should consider making your life easier. Hey, you won’t have to listen to that agitating meowing every morning. Your automatic cat feeder will feed your feline without any assistance needed from you. Let it do all the work. And furthermore, consider an automatic litter box. These are ideal for eliminating odors and removing the hassle of constant poop scooping. I think that’s something we could all live without.

Cat Feeding

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